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ownerIQ is the first and only transparent data marketplace focused on creating successful partnerships for retailers, brands and marketers alike. ownerIQ is driven by the idea that all brands and retailers find value in having the ability to transparently share their audience data with their marketing partners. ownerIQ’s brand and retail partners are at the forefront of this digital disruption and understand their audience data is a valuable marketing asset. By fostering transparent data economies between retailers, OEMs, co-op partners and product brands, ownerIQ enables brands of all types to support their digital marketing agendas and drive sales.

ownerIQ's second-party data marketplace supports digital media’s largest and most transparent shared data economy where these partnerships and transactions are fostered through a cloud-based custom built Data Management Platform. Today, ownerIQ provides Retailers and Product Brand marketers with a platform to maximize the value of their data and access 200+ million consumers and 2.8 billion shopping interactions monthly. ownerIQ partners leverage their audiences to generate marketing budget and ad support, open up ad revenue channels, and generate new customer insights. As a result, making it possible for any programmatic advertiser to power media activations (online advertising campaigns) that are more transparent, more relevant, and more insightful than any 3rd party data execution.

The Q Story

Having successfully built and sold their first company, Bitpipe, co-founders Jay Habegger and Eric Mabley put together the founding team of ownerIQ (Jay Habegger, Doug Shattuck, Eric Mabley, Chris Back and Connie Johnson) in 2007. This time the goal was to change advertising for retailers and brands with the idea of ownership targeting through the power of second-party data. Even back then, we knew the best predictor of buying behavior is shopping behavior. Early on we partnered with retailers and brands launching our flagship product, ManualsOnline. Since our inception we have grown to be the leading programmatic solution for retailers and brands and the first of its kind transparent second-party data sharing marketplace offering a full product suite to retailers and brands to experience next level digital advertising through transparency, relevancy and scalability.

ownerIQ "the Q" was recently named in the 2015 Ad Age BtoB Best Awards, Digiday Signal Award, Boston Business Journal's Hottest Tech Companies to Watch, and Editor's Choice Award from Shopper Marketing Magazine.

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