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Neiman Journalism Lab: “Are Display Advertisers Too Obsessed With Click Through Rates?”

Harvard University’s Neiman Foundation blog recently published an article entitled “The Geico Gecko Meets The AOL Way: Are Display Advertisers Too Obsessed With Click Through Rates?” that outlined the notion that in the future, display advertising may be much more focused on branding and not as focused on intangible metrics.

“The Geico Gecko is not successful because he inspires people to jump up from their couches and purchase car insurance; he’s successful because when a person decides months later to shop around for car insurance, his image springs to mind.”

Get the full story here.

Our VP of Agency Relations and Business Development, Steven Ustaris, wrote a similar article about CTR called “The Greatest NBA Player in History: Artis “The A-Train” Gilmore”, you can read that article here.

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