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Mother’s Day 2016: What Did You Shop for?

flowers_mothers day_2016

Mother’s Day 2016 is a wrap! So what were we shopping for leading up to the special day? Not surprisingly, the gifts we sought out were as unique and diverse as our lovely mamas.

Looking at real-time shopping interactions across The Qniverse, we’ve noticed the following behavior from the beginning of April to the week leading up with Mother’s Day.

Our moms are in need of some R&R – and they sure do deserve it:

  • Barnes and Noble nook: 1,592% increase
  • Bubble bath + bath salts:  41% increase
  • Candles: 46% increase
  • Drawing coloring and paint: 110% increase

A little pampering doesn’t hurt either:

  • Shaving creams: 143% increase
  • Nail care: 19% increase
  • Gift cards: 29% increase

New stuff is always a hit:

  • Shoes: 7% increase
  • Charms and charm bracelets: 565% increase

And because every mom has a quirk of her own:

  • Cigars: 104% increase
  • Porch swings: 24% increase

WTQ. Pretty random, huh?

All data pulled from The Qniverse is made up of our second-party data relationships with retailers and brands and our 200+ million unique shoppers.

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