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CO-OP Connection

by Michael Chass Looking back into our industrialized past, the most defining moments for growth and prosperity occurred with increases in our ability to connect with each other. From smoke signals to the Pony Express, the railroad, the automobile, the modern highway system, the telephone, the fax machine, cell phone, internet and now the smart […]


Channel Marketing in Action

We produced a short video illustrating how our channel marketing solution works. At OwnerIQ we believe that if you’re not meeting up with your site visitors as they travel the web, you’re missing critical opportunities to keep your brand in front of the consideration set. People visit sites all day, be there when they arrive.


Kicker: Taking it to the Extreme With The IK501 Speaker Dock

Kicker Reverses the Market Research With OwnerIQ… OwnerIQ had a conversation with Kevin Campbell from Kicker Performance Audio about various forms of market research that went into creating their IK501 Speaker Dock. He told us about the kind of people who are most likely to purchase this product and what kind of lifestyles they lead. […]


Eureka: Catering to Pet Owners with Pet Lover Vacuum

Eureka Reverses the Market Research with OwnerIQ… Our CEO, Jay, sat down with Allison Duy, Consumer Insights Marketing Manager, and Jackie Cooper, Director of Marketing and Communications, from Eureka to talk about consumer research efforts that went into creating their newest Pet Lover Vacuum. They told us that consumer information is very important in product […]


Cisco: Making the Valet Simple

Cisco Reverses the Market Research with OwnerIQ… OwnerIQ sat down with Ken Wirt, VP of  Consumer Marketing at Cisco to talk about their new product, the Cisco Valet. Wirt discusses the market research that went into creating this product, as well as the type of consumers who are most likely to buy it. He’s a […]