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12 weeks. 12 great gifts.

We’ve been making our list, and checking it twice. But it doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice. Come back on Tues, 9/9 and be the first to find out what OwnerIQ is revealing for the holiday season. Learn more here!


Whitepaper: Enhancing Digital Shopper Marketing with Programmatic Buying

Shopper marketers are turning to a digital and data-driven approach to their campaigns, and they’re looking beyond the brick-and-mortar store walls to execute them. Find out why digital shopper marketers are leveraging programmatic buying techniques that can: Ensure 100% accuracy in reaching specific retail shoppers at scale Dominate share of voice among retail shoppers in […]


INFOGRAPHIC: Vendor Targeted Marketing (VTM) for Manufacturers

Hundreds of top manufacturers and their retailers are reporting OwnerIQ’s Vendor Targeted Marketing (VTM) to be their most effective form of digital marketing with increased in-store foot traffic and increased sales as high as 4x! Check out our new VTM Infographic to see why. View Full Infographic Here 


Things a New CMO Needs to Know, But Often Doesn’t

Article originally posted to Business 2 Business Comminuty on July 18th, 2014 (http://www.business2community.com/leadership/things-new-cmo-needs-know-often-doesnt-0947513#!bjOZc5) You put in your time, worked hard and you’re now a CMO. Good for you, now get to work. No, seriously, get to work! Your plate is already full. Back in the day a CMO was responsible for things like brand identity, […]


A new age for shopper marketing

Article originally posted to Retailing Today on July 16th, 2014 (http://www.retailingtoday.com/article/new-age-shopper-marketing) The concept of “programmatic shopper marketing” is transforming the ways brands engage with shoppers to drive sales, and creating a new set of skills for marketers to master. Technology continues to reshape the way retailers and brands connect with current and prospective customers, especially […]