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owneriq’s Successful Integration with Liverail, a Facebook Company

We are excited to share our latest integration with the LiveRail ad exchange, a Facebook company, adding even greater scale to our video channel. “The Q” is always on the lookout for new ways to increase the value of our programmatic campaigns; expanding audience reach for advertisers targeting our retailer and brand partners, and the addition […]


Advertise differently: All your efforts, in perfect harmony

Today’s consumers are everywhere. Buyers are shopping online, in-store, on mobile…or wherever it’s most convenient at given time. But there are many advertisers out there whose tactics are grounded in a single medium approach – focusing most of their marketing efforts on either e-commerce or in-store. Big mistake. It’s time to see this chasm from […]


WTQ? Not your average shopping insights

You’ve seen this before: “More shoppers are using mobile!” “Cyber Monday drives traffic by X percent across online sites!” “X percent will use their phone to make a holiday purchase.” Earth-shattering stuff, right? If you’re like us, you’re sick of the same old shopping insights. That’s why “The Q” has created a quick guide of […]


ownerIQ’s Best Year Ever 2 0 1 5

2015 was quite the year for The Q, we gathered all of our successes into this infographic of greatest hits throughout the year, enjoy! And, cheers to an even brighter 2016!      


Take yourself on a virtual adventure for the holidays #10WeeksOfRetail

#10WeeksOfRetail That’s almost a wrap, folks! ownerIQ’s final countdown to the holidays giveaway is keeping you animated. The holidays are for sharing, for spending time with family, for…let’s get real: The holidays are also for pure entertainment and pleasure. With XBox One: Ultimate Edition Bundle, or games galore, your life is transformed with countless virtual […]