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ownerIQ's staff (aka – "The Q") shares our insights and opinions on how marketers can more effectively impact today's shopper along the digital path to purchase. "The Q and A" provides honest and practical answers to the questions and challenges facing digital advertisers in the areas of second-party data, programmatic buying, shopper marketing, co-operative marketing, attribution, and emerging media.

Q the Spotlight: Lizi Ham, Part 1

Hi, my name is Lizi, I am a fourth year Studio Art major and Entrepreneurship minor in the middle of my seven-month internship here at the Q. As the first post in a monthly series of four, I plan to begin by telling you what my interests are and explaining how I ended up here. […]


The Era of Second-Party Data is Here [Free Webinar]

Newsflash: 85% of retailers and brands will have second-party data integrated into their overall marketing strategy within twelve months. That’s BIG. Today’s digital marketers and advertisers are thriving in the era of second-party data. These savvy second-party data pros are fast on their way to becoming experts; it’s only a matter of time. Here’s some […]


12 Weeks of Retail

Second-party data has had quite the year in 2016, giving new meaning to our motto, “Data Worth Celebrating!” The party continues as we count down to the holidays and commend our favorite data set with 12 weeks of great prizes from our retailers, brands and advertisers! Just where is the party? It’s already here, wherever […]


Top 3 Tips to Create a Strong Second-Party Data Strategy

By Kristina Knight / Originally featured in BizReport’s interview with ownerIQ CMO, Steve Ustaris The keys to successful data use is analysis, and according to one expert, that analysis is especially key for the successful use of second-party data. Here are 3 tips to create a strong second party data strategy. 1. Run a campaign […]


How Second-Party Can Help YOU

The era of second-party data has arrived. And everyone from industry experts to retailers and brands both small and large to marketers from all walks of life, are realizing the benefits of this no longer elusive data set. But you still have questions – we get it. There’s quite a bit to take in. Featured […]