Q Thoughts

ownerIQ's staff (aka – "The Q") shares our insights and opinions on how marketers can more effectively impact today's shopper along the digital path to purchase. "The Q and A" provides honest and practical answers to the questions and challenges facing digital advertisers in the areas of second-party data, programmatic buying, shopper marketing, co-operative marketing, attribution, and emerging media.

What are your potential customers up to? Want a hint?

Shoppers who visit your site, or your pages on retailers’ sites, are interested in what you have to offer. This is the low-hanging fruit that advertisers have been picking and eating since the earliest days of advertising and marketing. These potential customers are highly qualified shoppers, and should absolutely be marketed to, giving them that […]


The Misconceptions of Data

Tomato, tomahto, data, dahta – mispronunciation or misunderstanding? Today’s world is abuzz with information, or data – and the word “data” is easily tossed around by pretty much everyone, everywhere. We all have access to some form of data, and we are all just as easily a part of some data group. Data can be […]


Spread the love: Share your local in-market shoppers with your retailers

Advertising can be wasteful. In today’s world of information overload, everyone runs the risk of advertising and marketing to many, while reaching if just a few; contributing to outright inefficient strategies. Think about it… How much time and budget do you invest in reaching customers who may or may not purchase your products? But at […]


We’re at the PRO Show, Wednesday, March 16 – Come see us!

What: ownerIQ Speaking Session – How David Can Advertise like Goliath When: Wednesday, March 16, at 3:40-4:20 p.m. (200-Level Breakout Series) Who: ownerIQ’s own Brendan Conroy and Christine Bixby Where: PRO Spring Convention and Trade Show, Lincolnshire, IL The annual Trade Show brings together independent Photography Retailers from across the nation to discuss trends within […]