Q Thoughts

ownerIQ's staff (aka – "The Q") shares our insights and opinions on how marketers can more effectively impact today's shopper along the digital path to purchase. "The Q and A" provides honest and practical answers to the questions and challenges facing digital advertisers in the areas of second-party data, programmatic buying, shopper marketing, co-operative marketing, attribution, and emerging media.

Online Path to Purchase: OwnerIQ’s Blueprint for Acquiring and Transforming Data Into Value

by Mike Ouellette Understanding the full spectrum of the consumer online path to purchase has never been more important than in today’s data driven marketing environment. When used properly the path to purchase model can give marketers insight into the key moments of influence during the purchase consideration process. OwnerIQ has created and adopted a […]


OwnerIQ Presents BrandIQ and ProductIQ

by Steven Ustaris OwnerIQ’s unique taxonomy tags and catalogues consumers of over 4,000 different products and 5,000 individual brands across 17 different categories. This allows advertisers to create targetable online segments comprised of consumers based on the products and the brands that they own and consume. We classify this unique capability into distinct products: ProductIQ […]


OwnerIQ Acquires DiJiPOP

OwnerIQ was featured in AdExchanger today. CEO Jay Habegger answered questions on the acquisition and its impact on OwnerIQ. AdExchanger.com: What was the trigger for the transaction? Is this about tech or clients? In the ad tech marketplace OwnerIQ is known for ownership targeting, an advertising solution that enables marketers to target online consumers based […]


The Affiliate Summit West: A Shift in Consumer Purchasing

by Mike Ouellette Affiliate Summit West has long been the premier affiliate marketing conference in the industry. The annual event takes place in Las Vegas (this year at the Wynn hotel) and is regularly attended by thousands of performance marketing professionals. OwnerIQ attended this year’s event on January 9th – 11th, promoting our newly launched […]


Paul Metaxatos Talks About The “Keurig Story”

by Connie Johnson Different products are designed to appeal to specific consumer segments. And many times, it’s emotion that defines a consumer’s needs and drives them to choose one product over another. Here, Paul Metaxatos of Motiv discusses the Keurig story and how the product features and innovation play a key role in establishing that […]