Q Thoughts

ownerIQ's staff (aka – "The Q") shares our insights and opinions on how marketers can more effectively impact today's shopper along the digital path to purchase. "The Q and A" provides honest and practical answers to the questions and challenges facing digital advertisers in the areas of second-party data, programmatic buying, shopper marketing, co-operative marketing, attribution, and emerging media.

The Travel Innovation Summit

by Jay Habegger The past week I had the privilege of participating in the Travel Innovation Summit, part of the annual PhoCusWright Conference. My role was judge, along with other executives, of four finalists for the Travel Innovation Award. The PhoCusWright conference is the leading gathering for the online travel distributor ecosystem: OTA’s (Online Travel […]


OwnerIQ Advisory Board Meeting

By Jay Habegger We held a meeting of OwnerIQ’s Retailer and Manufacturer Advisory Board in our Chicago office on Wednesday, 10 November. The meeting is part of OwnerIQ’s continuing effort to explore the changing consumer path-to-purchase. In attendance were: Jay Buchanan Electronics Division Director Nebraska Furniture Mart, Inc. James A. Feltman Sr. VP, Chief Marketing […]


Why do Manufacturers Throw Money out the Window?

ManualsOnline Director Justin Brown speaks on the benefits user manuals can provide for consumers and manufacturers alike: by Justin Brown With all the costs and effort poured into creating support documentation, it’s a damn shame that much of it never sees the light of day. User manuals must be written, illustrated, and produced. In most […]


CO-OP Connection

by Michael Chass Looking back into our industrialized past, the most defining moments for growth and prosperity occurred with increases in our ability to connect with each other. From smoke signals to the Pony Express, the railroad, the automobile, the modern highway system, the telephone, the fax machine, cell phone, internet and now the smart […]


Channel Marketing in Action

We produced a short video illustrating how our channel marketing solution works. At OwnerIQ we believe that if you’re not meeting up with your site visitors as they travel the web, you’re missing critical opportunities to keep your brand in front of the consideration set. People visit sites all day, be there when they arrive.