700+ retailer, brand and ecommerce partners

CoEx, the only transparent second party data sharing marketplace

Our Co-Operative Audience Exchange (CoEx), enables our 700+ retailer, brand and ecommerce partners to safely and securely transform the browsing behavior on their website into rich advertising targets.

Through CoEx, the next generation of online targeting is now possible. It extends our best-in-class technology stack and vertical integration to include a new way to manage audience data.

Total transparency

Know exactly the audiences your advertising is reaching.

Marketing Channels

Drive sell-through in specific channels for key retailers.

New Visitors

Capture in-market shoppers by targeting the visitors of vendors' websites.

Consumer Lifestyles

Target specific consumer lifestyles and values of online audiences.

Audience sharing made simple

Complete control

You control who can advertise against your audience by only approving the advertisers you trust. Ability to put custom terms on your audience making it easier to partner together to run co-branded campaigns.

Brand Security

Your data is always secure since you are only granting access to approved advertisers to target your audience.

Reporting Simplified

Track and review your campaign's performance 24/7 with our new dashboards and real-time reporting capabilities and industry leading audience insights.

Creative Library

We’ve made it easy for your ads to be created. Using the creative library, brands can upload their creative, define a space for their retailers’ logo and easily share it with them for use. This gives product brands more input on how their brand is positioned and provides a turn-key solution for advertisers.

Creative Approvals

Have a say in the creative that runs for campaigns targeting your audience. Through the creative library advertisers can submit creative for approvals before using your audience in a campaign. This ensures that co-branded campaigns represent your brand in the best way.

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