Opening the Gate to Geo-Weighting eGuide

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Opening the Gate to Geo-Weighting

Opening the Gate to Geo-Weighting

The grass is always greener on the other side of the geo-fence.

Most shoppers are engaging with products and brands digitally, but the fact is — 90% of today’s shoppers are still buying in-store. So how can you leverage that online behavior to drive in-store outcomes?

ownerIQ’s eGuide, Opening the Gate to Geo-Weighting, delves into popular Geo-Targeting techniques used to drive consumers in-store and explores why it’s time for such techniques to evolve.

Access this complimentary eGuide to learn how to:

  • Target via user-level proximity to drive your shoppers to physical store locations with Geo-Weighting
  • Use intelligent audience data to reach in-market buyers potentially outside an arbitrary radius
  • Solve the issue of wasted ad impressions by targeting consumers based on location and user-data vs. location only
  • Increase lift in conversions by 3X and reduce CPA by 63%

It’s time to change the Geo-Targeting game by revolutionizing the entire process of driving shoppers in-store. Download today to see why sometimes the grass is greener on the other side of the Geo-Fence.