Second-Party Data & Decisioning

We merged mar tech and ad tech to go under one roof, and it’s a
performance game changer.

Second-Party Audience Cloud

It all starts with ownerIQ’s massive, TRANSPARENT, second-party data cloud. With over 600 audience partners, an unparalleled amount of shopping and purchasing data (at the product and brand level) is directly ported into our audience platform.

CoEx Audience Platform

From these partners, CoEx, our audience platform, directly ingests over 3 billion shopping behaviors and over 20 million monthly transactions for a total cost at retail over $2.5 billion. This deluge data is organized into our taxonomy of nearly 20,000 product and brands categories and directly fed it into our decisioning engine.

Real-Time Decisioning Engine

This level of access to product / brand level shopping / purchasing information is not possible via 3rd party data segments, and it enables ownerIQ’s decisioning engine to apply an “expected performance score” (EP score) to every opportunity we see. An EP score is the probability that a user will take a desired action based on the similarities of their shopping and purchase behavior to those that bought, or converted. Our decisioning engine by numbers:

  • 1.3 Trillion impressions processed monthly
  • Over 500 billion opportunities seen across mobile devices
  • Over 600,000 data points are calculated on every opportunity

Transparent Second-Party Data

CoEx is the launchpad into the Qniverse. It is the only platform built specifically to enable transparent audience sharing at scale.


Built for second-party data sharing.

Designed to enable hundreds of product brands and retailers to request, negotiate, approve and execute advertising campaigns.


Provides marketers an unprecedented level of data and audience transparency for their ad campaigns.


Offers unique features for partners to easily manage their audience asset and gain maximum value; ensuring user permission and terms.


Provides advertisers and data providers with a reporting suite with updated statistics on the performance of their campaign, and/or audience asset.


Provides data and advertising partners with access to unique insights into the shopping and buying behavior of their customers and prospects.

CoEx - Audience Sharing Platform
CoEx - Audience Sharing Platform

Platform Integrations

The ownerIQ platform is integrated with the best of breed technology partners in the digital marketing ecosystem. These strategic partnerships help support the largest second-party data marketplace in the industry and make the vision of frictionless shared data economy a reality.