ownerIQ’s Reporting and Analytics Suite

closes the loop on measuring all business outcomes, both offline and online, using comprehensive reporting capabilities to fully understand the impact of your advertising on retail or conversion-based initiatives.

Expert intelligence at every step of the shopping process:

Customer IQ

Uncover in-market customers, shopper opportunities, patterns, and key insights with actionable intelligence across your online advertising initiatives.

Retail Overlap Report

Retail Overlap Report:

The Retail Overlap Report compares an advertiser’s audience with the audiences of ownerIQ’s retail partners. The report can provide a preview of the advertising opportunity that exists within ownerIQ’s RTM audiences.

Brand Engagement Map:

A visual representation of your audience’s shopping patterns across the Qniverse. The map will show the scale of how many signals ownerIQ’s predictive technology sees throughout the campaign.

Census Overlap Snapshot

Census Overlay:

A pre-campaign tool to deliver demographic insights about ownerIQ’s retail partners. This data product can be used in conjunction with our Retail Overlap Report to suggest audiences for endemic or non-endemic advertisers.

Shopper Audience Insights Snapshot

Shopper Audience Insights:

Insights on your online audience’s shopping at the product and brand level by comparing their behavior across our network of shoppers.

Campaign IQ

Uncover the value of your campaign and drive better business outcomes with valuable insights into your audience's shopping behavior and purchases.

DCT Snapshot

E-Commerce Insights (DCT):

Interested in real-time data on retail outcomes that can drive business decisions? ownerIQ’s e-commerce insights measure an advertiser’s key online attribution metrics including orders, revenue, average order size, and much more!

OS+ Report

OS+ Report:

The Full Funnel report provides transparent campaign performance. The report aims to provide direct evidence of the value of our premium retail customers as well as our optimized shopper audience.

Converter Analytics

Converter Analytics:

Insights on your online audience’s conversion behavior. The report includes conversions by geography, domains, as well as products and brands. Receive detailed insights into conversion timeframes, frequency, efficiency, and location. For longer campaigns, these insights can be used to suggest changes for campaign optimization.

Impact Report

Purchase Intent Impact Report:

Insights into the impact of your digital advertising campaigns on retail browsing behavior down to the product & brand level. The advertiser must drive to an ownerIQ RTM partner site and must be endemic.

Campaign Performance Report

Campaign Performance Report:

Core metrics for campaigns without analytics or conversion pixels placed. The report includes total impressions delivered, unique users reached, and total clicks.

Bidder Intelligence Report

Bidder Intelligence Report:

The purpose of this report is to illustrate the effectiveness of ownerIQ’s Expected Performance (EP) Scoring. Our sophisticated machine learning algorithm (Ranger) prioritizes and scores opportunities based on a user profile's likelihood to convert. Observed signals from high-converting user profiles are used to create EP Scores and assess impression opportunities. The Q’s optimization philosophy is to then seek impressions that align with those signals.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing:

Core metrics for a campaign running a transparent pricing model. Metrics provided include impressions, clicks, data spend, media spend, and platform fees by date.

Brand Lift

Nielsen Vizu Brand Lift:

A Nielsen online brand effect study that uses a control vs exposed methodology to directly measure campaign effectiveness on an advertiser’s KPIs through a survey question.



Geo-Weighting allows advertisers to include qualified shoppers outside of the boundaries of a traditional geo-fence, while also favoring shoppers who are closest to the target location. This report gives you a visual of where the impressions are served and how far actual converters are from the store location.

Cross Device Report

Cross Device Report:

ownerIQ’s Cross Device Attribution Report provides insight into the multiple touchpoints along the customer journey. The report breaks out conversions by device type in the top section, and impressions that drove conversions by device type in the bottom section.

In-store IQ

Understand and measure the influence of your advertising on enhancing consumer purchases offline.

Ansa RSi

Ansa powered by RSi:

RSi supplies access to point-of-sale and inventory data for over 120 retailers and 150,000 stores. RSi Report metrics include Sales Lift and Incremental Sales for the Featured Product (product on the ad) and Halo Products. RSi also provides raw data for these metrics after the campaign has concluded.

Ninth Decimal


NinthDecimal’s Location Conversion Index (LCI) reports on offline foot traffic to store locations using a location data provided by ad exchanges combined with a test-and-control methodology. NinthDecimal reports include summaries of impressions served, store visits, cost per store visit and the store visit lift attributed to the campaign.



Placed’s audience of consumers opt-into sharing their location either directly through the Panel app or its network of apps. It uses consumer location data to attribute offline foot traffic to online spend. Placed reports include summaries of impressions served, store visits and the store visit lift attributed to the campaign.

Datalogix Snapshot


Datalogix dataset consists of 70MM+ purchasing HHs, from 50+ retailers, at the UPC level across all CPG categories and brands is used at scale to create audiences. The Datalogix Attribution Report measures the offline sales impact across all digital channels, helping brands improve advertising effectiveness and optimize spend in future campaigns.

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