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Online Research, Offline Purchase In Canada

by Jay Habegger

The evidence just keeps mounting that the path-to-purchase is rapidly shifting to be dependent on online activity. NPD group just released a E-Commerce Channel Report Canada that touches on this trend in Canada. According to Pam Buckley of NPD Group, “Access to retailer and manufacturer websites has already changed the way people approach buying new products, particularly among younger Canadians.” The study goes on to say that half of those surveyed reported directly navigating to retailer and manufacturer websites. Interestingly, the study goes on to say that while the Internet is the go-to place for research and comparison shopping, many abandon in favor of off-line purchase when confronted with shipping costs and other barriers, such as the need to create an account with the etailer.

At OwnerIQ we couldn’t agree more. The path-to-purchase for consumers has clearly changed to be dominated by online research and off-line purchase. The manufacturers and retailers that embrace this trend and make it work for them will profit while those that ignore it will be increasingly marginalized.

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