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A New Look For ManualsOnline

by Chris Parker

ManualsOnline.com, our product support property, has a new home page design aimed at helping our users better navigate through the site to solve their product problems.

About 4 million consumers per month use ManualsOnline to locate user manuals and other product support information. Additionally, ManualsOnline has over 2 million registered members who interact with each other to solve product related issues.

With over 300,000 free user manuals from over 5,000 popular brands, ManualsOnline is the leading online destination for this type of content.

ManualsOnline is an important part of the OwnerIQ strategy.

The site provides an owned-and-operated component of our data acquisition portfolio to enable Ownership Targeting and it furthers our relationships with manufacturers; another important source of data for our advertising campaigns.

ManualsOnline is also a fantastic place for certain advertisers. By utilizing our audience of nearly 4 million monthly users, we’re able to provide premiere sponsorship opportunities with custom ad-units coupled to a highly engaged and product knowledgeable audience.

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