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“Consumers Totally Wear Hats”

By Steve Ustaris

Target recently released a new commercial as part of their “Life is a Moving Target” campaign which I absolutely love. The name of the execution is “Do I wear hats?” In it, a female consumer is pondering the potential purchase of a hat and literally asks herself the very basic question, “Do I wear hats?” We then bear witness to an elaborate alternate reality created in the consumer’s mind as part of this introspection. In this reality her hat-wearing alter ego is strolling down a picturesque orchard as her handsome Baron Von Trapp-like husband hands her an apple fresh off a tree and her perfect kids picnic next to the family dog. Pleased with the results of this introspection, our consumer is able to confidently answer her original question with, “I totally wear hats.”

Psychologists like Maslow or Adler have theorized that after satisfying our basic physiological needs (food, water, sleep, etc.) and safety needs (such as health), human motivation is driven by deeper psychological needs such as of self actualization; or a desire to become more than one is and to become everything that one is capable of becoming.

This is never more clearly demonstrated then in the buying decisions we make as consumers. It is in our “do I wear hats” moments that we examine who we are, who we are becoming and who we want to be. And we force ourselves to do this because our conclusions may have significant cost implications (i.e. – our “hats” cost money).

Own: BMW 550i
Self-introspection: “Have I reached the level of financial status where my car is more than just a utility vehicle?”

Own: Charbroil Four-burner outdoor gas grill
Self-introspection: “Will I host barbeques on beautiful summer days and cook various meats for family and friends?”

Own: $100 ASICS running shoes
Self-introspection: “Do I actually enjoy running long distances. Do I enjoy doing it frequently?”

Own: Apple Macbook or HP Personal Computer
Self-introspection: “Am I creative and trendy, or practical and traditional?”

It is this type of simple, but elaborate consumer introspection at time of purchase, coupled with the belief that products and brands can be an outward reflection of one’s lifestyle and values that makes Ownership Targeting an extremely powerful concept and OwnerIQ a pioneer in the field of online targeting.

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