OwnerIQ Exhibiting Sponsor of i612 Alpha Event, November 10

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  • Dec 03, 2010

By Steve Tschosik and Steve Ustaris

OwnerIQ was one of the exhibiting sponsors at the i612 Alpha Event. i612 is the premiere marketing organization in Minneapolis and St. Paul specifically focused on servicing the local digital media community. The Alpha Event was held at Graves Hotel in Downtown Minnesota. There were over 200 industry folks in attendance. Most all of the local agencies, as well as client side companies such as 3M, General Mills, Target and Best Buy, were represented.

OwnerIQ premieres new brand segments at i612

OwnerIQ took this opportunity to “soft launch” our latest product evolution: targeting consumers based on the brands they own! We believe that brands are a reflection of consumer values, lifestyle and self-image. Now, in addition to the 4,000 + unique product segments advertisers can target across our network, OwnerIQ enables clients to target consumers of over 5,000 specific manufacturer and/or retailer brands!

The i612 attendees expressed enthusiasm around this new capability. Without a doubt, the most popular question asked by the visitors to our booth was, “Can I target consumers of competitive brands?” To which the answer is “YES.”

Dominant conversation in 2010 is echoed at event

The purpose of the Alpha Event is to showcase leading-edge products and services from some of the top digital media companies in the industry. Over the past 5 years, this focus on “digital” + “leading-edge” usually guaranteed an appearance by the holy trinity of emerging media in some fashion; that is, video, mobile, and social (with social covering many evils). This was not the case at i612. If there was any question that the dominant conversation within the digital media community in 2010 was the advent and proliferation of Ad Exchanges and DSPs, one would only have to look at the Alpha Event roster of presenting companies which featured 2 DSPs, 1 inventory exchange, and 1 data exchange.

Although the presentations were interesting, the actual content was short of ground-breaking and long on product updates. Personally, I think the addition of an ad network and media trading desk to the list of presenters could have rounded out the conversation nicely. Let’s be honest—new tensions undoubtedly exist between the buy and sell side right now. So it would have been interesting to see all the stakeholders represented and to hear their side of the debate. As a person who works at an ad network with its own unique data, powered by its own proprietary DSP (MostIQ ), this not only would have been enlightening but also very entertaining. All in all, though, the Alpha Event was a fun industry showcase.

Special thanks to the i612 team for putting together a great event and allowing OwnerIQ to participate!

Look for more information on OwnerIQ’s Brand Segments in the next few weeks!

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