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The Online Path-to-Purchase: Evidence From Black Friday

by Jay Habegger and Michael Chass

Still have doubts that the path to purchase is really shifting online? How about an 89% increase in product research traffic to manufacturer and retailer web sites in the week from Monday, 22 November through Sunday, the 28 of November?

Yep, you read that right. The number of unique consumers visiting the websites of the retailer and manufacturer partners where we acquire data on consumer ownership and considered purchase intent almost doubled in a seven day period.
You can see this growth in the graph below.


Before the 8th of November there is a background level of consumers researching product purchases that remains more or less constant. Starting the week of the 8th, the level of web researching starts to rise and then explodes during Thanksgiving week.

Most of the transactions on Black Friday and over the weekend occurred in-store. So , it is pretty clear that the millions of consumers on retail and manufacturer websites were doing research online prior to walking to in the store.


The trend toward on-line research as the first step in the path-to-purchase is real and growing in magnitude.

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