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OwnerIQ Mentioned In Bloomberg Business Week

On December 22nd, 2010, OwnerIQ was once again mentioned in a major online publication. This time, Businessweek.com’s Ben Kunz gave insight into the FTC’s “Do Not Track Prize” and how it favors big publishers and not small business. Parts of Ben’s article run with the same idea our CEO Jay Habegger outlined in “Why Online Behavioral Advertising Is the Most Consumer Friendly” which was on the cover of Adage.com last week.

“Trouble is, while the commission may have consumers’ best interests at heart (or be motivated by desire to toss a feel-good political football in a transition election year), the idea has two huge problems:

1. It won’t stop online ads. While Do Not Call lists kept telemarketers at bay, you’ll still see tons of banners and videos everywhere online. They’ll simply be less relevant.

2. Do Not Track will send billions of dollars to the big online publishers, hurting the little sites you might find most interesting.”

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