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OwnerIQ Presents BrandIQ and ProductIQ

by Steven Ustaris

OwnerIQ’s unique taxonomy tags and catalogues consumers of over 4,000 different products and 5,000 individual brands across 17 different categories. This allows advertisers to create targetable online segments comprised of consumers based on the products and the brands that they own and consume. We classify this unique capability into distinct products: ProductIQ and BrandIQ.

ProductIQ, or product ownership, is powerful tool for defining consumer preferences and priorities because the products we own demonstrate a personal and financial investment in a particular product and in a particular category and a propensity to repeat this buying behavior in the future. Example: If I own a baby stroller there is a high probability that I will be interested in purchasing other baby related items.

BrandIQ, or brand ownership, allows advertisers to target more complex segments centered around audience lifestyles and values. These are typically hard segments to create and target using standard behavioral targeting methods. However, as the brands that we own can carry personal and social meaning and be a reflection of our lifestyles, values, and affiliations, BrandIQ provides a method to now target these more complex segments.

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