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MediaPost’s Behavioral INSIDER on OwnerIQ: “My Stuff, My Self: You Are What You Own”

Behavioral Insider’s Steve Smith posted an article this morning about OwnerIQ and Ownership Targeting within the Behavioral Targeting space. He highlights the ways that Ownership Data can be very telling of consumer interests in other, sometimes unrelated categories and even mentions our reversing market research series.

“My Stuff, My Self: You Are What You Own” Full Article Here.

“Interesting affinities can be found at an even higher level. “We find an affinity among some of the high-end audio brands that are indicative of  adults who have a strong propensity to spend a lot of time using woodworking equipment. It is the more sophisticated hobbyists who also tend to buy high end audio,” Habegger finds. He says that the technique reverses the usual market research that goes into a manufacturer’s product design.”

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