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Ads Without Borders

A Humorous Commentary By Sam Rubenstein,

You can’t pick a newspaper lately without coming across an article pertaining to internet privacy and the debate between advertisers looking to target consumers based on their online behaviors and the Government looking to protect users’ online privacy. The online ad industry continues to move forward at a blazing speed, keeping media planners, creative agencies and publishers on their toes. The process of a banner advertisement going from idea to actual implementation can be long, and with the market demanding immediate results, the need to speed it up has reached its breaking point. As an account executive at OwnerIQ, one of the leading online targeting companies, I see hundreds of ads come across my desk in a given week. Some are standard flash and some are rich media, but it’s my job to find the right home for these ads and the right consumer. With ad exchanges turning online marketing into a fast-paced world of algorithms and complex equations that would have the smartest Wall Street analysts shaking their heads, it’s imperative that ads have the correct specs in order to be approved by the board of ad exchanges.

There are multiple requirements an ad must have in order to meet the qualifications of an ad exchange. Requirements range from max file size to length of animation, and the number of requirements continues to grow as ads become more complex. One requirement that is often overlooked is the black border that must accompany every ad. Over the past few months OwnerIQ identified a high number of ads being sent over from agencies without the correct border. IAB rule 33, paragraph 4 states every ad, no matter the shape or size, must have a black border that fully encompasses the ad. Unfortunately, all too often, creative agencies are in a rush to meet the demands of their media planners and fail to identify that the ads created are missing this requirement.

It is for this reason that as of February 24th of 2011, OwnerIQ established the Ads Without Borders Foundation. This foundation provides a place for any ad to receive a border regardless of file size or rich media vendor. With a sizable donation from OwnerIQ CEO Jay Habegger, OwnerIQ has already been able to provide a border to over 100,000 ads in 2011 and has a goal over 1 million for the year. With your help, together we can help end this problem and find a border for every ad.

To give to the Ads Without Borders Charity please send a check or money order and all contributions will go to the “Save the Charlie Sheen Fund“.

Sam Rubenstein and the OwnerIQ Team

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