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OwnerIQ at iMedia, 2011

by Sam Rubenstein,

The iMedia summit took place in Bonita Springs, Fl from May 22 – 25th. There were a number of interesting presentations and speakers giving their insights on the current state of online advertising and what we can expect moving forward. Topics throughout the conference ranged from online privacy, the future of media buying to how humor can play a key role in persuasion.

Monday, the first full day of the conference I had the opportunity to attend a number of interesting panels. The opening keynote titled “Navigating in a World of Gray” focused on the need of agencies, publishers and even brands to become hybrids since the lines are more blurred now than ever. Publishers are turning into exchanges, agencies are taking on the role of publishers and brands are becoming content syndicators. The most interesting takeaway for me was from Jack Myers, a media economist who said that currently digital advertising is 8% of the total media spend but that by the year 2021 it will account for 42%.

Among the other hot topics of discussion at iMedia centered on the mainstream usage of DSP’s and what if any were the threats facing this model. Three things that were identified as potential destroyers of the DSP included the adoption of rigorous privacy legislation, quality publisher embargo as well as economic in-sustainability, meaning prices fall and handling costs overwhelm the model.

The one on one portion of the conference was the best way to meet potential clients and talk about the capabilities of OwnerIQ. I had the opportunity to meet a number of planners from across the country from New York to San Francisco.

The most impactful discussion I had was with a group director from OMD in New York who happens to handle the GE and Coty accounts and could definitely be a great client for us down the road.

The OwnerIQ video played twice at the conference. Once before the main keynote on Monday morning and again before an afternoon session. The feedback from the video was positive and it definitely made an impression among viewers. The shake weight and six pack of beer segments definitely helped to leave lasting impression on attendees of the conference.

Evenings were filled with dinner and drinks. It was a great time to network with other publishers and agencies in attendance. All in all iMedia was a success for OwnerIQ as we continue to build our name in the market place and stand out among the clutter.

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