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OwnerIQ Climbs “The Hill”

by Michael Chass

OwnerIQ is an active member of CEA (Consumer Electronics Association). Besides attending CEA’s annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show), OwnerIQ also participates in several of the functions and events CEA hosts throughout the year. In addition, I serve on two different CEA Boards, volunteering time to help with the needs of the association, members, retailers and manufacturers.

Last week, on June 1st, I was honored to participate at CEA’s request to lobby key members of Congress, not only on behalf of CEA, but also on behalf of OwnerIQ. We met as a constituent to our direct members of Congress as well as other Congressmen including a key member of the Commerce Committee that oversees consumer interests and protection.

Our country is at a key pivot point. There are several decisions that need to be made in short order, the outcome of which will have long term effects on our quality of life, as well as the growth and prosperity of our country. During my time with the representatives, I was able to cover a wide range of topics from size of government, looming debt concerns, capital gains taxes on small business/start-ups, regulation of ecommerce and internet consumer privacy.
OwnerIQ was honored to participate with CEA on these key visits to the hill.

On a personal note, I found the experience to be very rewarding. Speaking directly with the people elected by the people to run our government is a key founding privilege we are meant to have! Our participation needs to go beyond just casting a vote on Election Day. I encourage all of you to take an active role with your voice in our government and be heard on topics important to you as well as to the generations to follow.

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