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OwnerIQ on Expanding It’s Shopper Marketing Capabilities with DiJiPOP

Our CEO Jay Habegger answered questions on the acquisition and its impact on OwnerIQ in AdExchanger.

AdExchanger.com: What was the trigger for the transaction? Is this about tech or clients?

In the ad tech marketplace OwnerIQ is known for ownership targeting, an advertising solution that enables marketers to target online consumers based on the products and brands they own or intend to buy. This capability is powered by OwnerIQ’s Media Solutions, or OMS, which has relationships with online retailers, manufacturers and publishers for whom we enable marketing capabilities, such as co-operative audience sharing, and provide ad revenue in exchange for consumer browsing and purchasing data. The acquisition of DiJiPOP, an on-demand shopper marketing technology platform, will add even more value to our OMS relationships and enable our partners to generate new revenue through on-site display advertising and product placements.

Is shopper marketing becoming more of a focus for OwnerIQ?

OwnerIQ’s always been focused on “shopper marketing” as we define it: influencing a consumer along the entire path to purchase. We’ve been delivering online campaigns for advertisers to help them address the new online path-to-purchase from the very beginning. However, some in the industry have a narrow definition of “Shopper Marketing” that refers exclusively to advertising within a retail environment, or, in the online case, advertising on a retailer’s website. With the addition of DiJiPOP, we are extending our offerings to current and potential retail partners to enable on-site advertising programs to generate new revenue streams. As we onboard these partners onto the platform, we will push these advertising opportunities out into the marketplace.

Why is former DiJiPOP CEO Ji Kim a good fit for a BD role? Is there a pub dev strategy emerging for OwneriQ?

Ownership Targeting has always been powered by our unique relationships with our retailers, manufacturer and publisher partners. Ji’s experience at DiJiPOP, which is a platform specifically designed for online retailers and ecommerce sites, makes him the perfect candidate to help us accelerate our partnership growth within the retail category.

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