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With Online Sales Predicted to Hit $89 Billion This Season; How Will You Engage Holiday Shoppers?

According to Forrester Research online sales will soar this holiday season, coming in at $89 Billion, a 13% increase from last year. Each year, it is getting harder to reach, engage and convert consumers along their path to purchase. With so many retailers competing for shopper’s attention, how do you set yourself apart from the competition and reach shoppers during these next few crucial weeks? OwnerIQ is here to help with NOEL this year (4 tips and important stats so you can stand out this holiday season.)


New Online Shoppers:

As online shopping continues to be a growing trend, especially during the hectic holiday season, it’s not a surprise that more consumers are opting to shop from the comforts of their own homes or on-the-go from their phones. Many retailers are further incentivizing the perks of online shopping with deep discounts, free shipping and added bonus gifts making it even more enticing to shop online.

Forrester predicts 3.4 million customers to fall into the “new online shopper” bucket and the average online shopper is predicted to spend 10% more this year, and we haven’t even got to mobile yet.


Optimize and Plan for Mobile:

Mobile and tablets is a big piece of the holiday pie this year. Be sure to plan your advertising campaigns with mobile in mind, and make sure your Apple-holiday-shoppingdigital advertising is optimized for mobile engagement. Smartphones and tablets will account for $1.6 billion in sales through Thanksgiving weekend, said Adobe, which predicted that those three days (Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday) will generate roughly $6.5 billion in sales across mobile devices and desktops.

E-holiday letterEngage In-market Shoppers:

More than ever you need to stand out from the crowd during the holidays. As a retailer, not only do you need to grab the shopper’s attention but make sure you are reaching them even after they have left your website and continue their shopping on other sites. Ok, but how can you ensure you do that? OwnerIQ reaches the largest network of in-market shoppers 126 Million to advertisers of all types. During November last year, OwnerIQ’s shopper volume spiked to 2.7x the typical monthly average and in December of last year, shopper volume spiked to 3.1x the typical monthly average.

OwnerIQ’s unique technology that optimizes campaigns based on consumer brand and product interaction delivers the most effective programmatic solution for shopper marketing and driving new customers.

L holidayletterblogLet us add some sparkle to your Holiday campaign:Picture1blog

Although one in four consumers plans to have all their holiday shopping completed by Black Friday, 41% won’t finish buying until mid-December and a quarter won’t finish buying until “the last minute.” The Average consumer will spend $248 online during November and December.

Still need to launch a successful holiday campaign? Don’t panic. The holidays sneak up on all of us. This good news is, there is still time to reach online shoppers during these prime shopping weeks. The average campaign at OwnerIQ takes only a few days to set up and get running. Contact us today, we would love to help set your team up for success this holiday season.

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Happy holiday shopping from OwnerIQ!


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