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Improve Holiday Conversions with Product Support Content

With holiday shopping season in full swing, online retailers should evaluate their online product support in order to maximize sell-through. The data showing the need for online retailers to provide shoppers with content-based support early in the path to purchase is overwhelming. According to a research conducted by integrated marketing firm AMP Agency, consumers look for product support and owner reviews during the pre-purchase stage of the buying cycle. More than one in seven consumers (15 percent) spend at least 90 percent or more of their shopping time conducting online product research, while 35 percent of consumers spend three-quarters of their online shopping time looking at reviews and other product-related content.

There is a direct correlation between customers who see product support information and owner reviews and an increased level of browsing and purchase intent. A study by Bazaarvoice adds that conversion rates for the increasingly important mobile shopper are 133 percent higher if he or she viewed product-related content early in the path to purchase. But content in and of itself is not the answer. The content must provide value for the customer and not waste their time. Filler content such as social share icons and hastily written blog posts have little effect on converting a shopper to a buyer. Instead, the content provided to a consumer must increase their knowledge of the product and trust in the brand.

The full byline was featured in TWICE Magazine on December 8th. Click here to read.

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