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How Big Data Has Strengthened Shopper Insights and Analysis


As the use of “big data” increases in the marketplace, the need for more advanced data visualization tools has followed suit.  Without a way to interpret the complexity of this data, how can one truly use this information to its full potential?  In the advertising industry, this data evolution is upping client’s expectations for campaign insights beyond traditional reporting.  In addition to this, clients are also looking for data-centric insights on consumer behaviors that are both visually digestible and actionable. This type of analysis is an important component to a client’s business plan and a focus for OwnerIQ as the leading programmatic solution for shopper marketing.

In an offline world, shopper marketing has invested an immense amount of time and resources into tracking and understanding shopping behaviors.  At OwnerIQ, we utilize the same type of offline methodologies to understand the behaviors of 200M digital shoppers.  The combination of our exclusive data partnerships (400+ retailers and product brands) and advanced technology allow us to track active in-market consumer interactions with products and brands.  This data allows us to see consumers as they are, complex individuals with unique shopping behaviors.  With the use of data visualization tools we are able to take these intricate behaviors and identify shopping patterns and trends.  This type of analysis helps drives strategic conversations with our clients about how to effectively scale their advertising efforts and reach more of their consumer base.

With big data continuing to involve in 2015, you can expect more advertising planning to be centered on trends identified by data visualization tools.  In what ways has big data helped increase and grow your business?

By: Rebecca Brennan OwnerIQ, Senior Client Strategist

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