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How Vendor Targeted Marketing Delivers

Product brands and the retailers that carry their products can vastly improve their shopper conversion and coupon redemption rates though an innovative concept known as Vendor Target Marketing (VTM), which enables them to work with retailers to help influence a shopper’s purchase decision.

The need to improve website effectiveness is clear, based on the findings of a Forrester Research study. Even though 60 percent of U.S. consumers, representing more than 86 million shoppers, visit a manufacturer’s website on their path to purchase, nearly five in six (83 percent) will not purchase from the site, but will instead buy from an authorized local or online retailer within a month of visiting the manufacturer’s site.

By providing retailers with permission-based access to a manufacturer’s website, they can deliver ads that promote the manufacturer’s products, driving retail sales, be they online or at a brick-and-mortar location.

Vendor Targeted Marketing provides manufacturers with the ability to grant retailers permission to target the manufacturer’s website audience, similar to the way a standard retargeting campaign work, with the additional leverage of the power of the retailer. A simple website tag identifies and tracks visitors to the manufacturer’s site via a secure platform.

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This article was written by Richard Yagjian is executive VP and COO of W.B. Hunt Company. Hunt’s Photo. To learn more about Vendor Targeted Marketing visit the OwnerIQ website.


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