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Tips to Fairly Evaluate Partner Efficiencies

By Shay Karim, Client Strategist, OwnerIQ

With all the new ad verification companies that have come up in recent years, more and more brands and their agencies are relying on these vendors to monitor their media dollars to ensure the most efficient campaign performance. In the programmatic space, brands are even more concerned due to the real-time nature of the channel, as they cannot track where every impression is being served. It is easy to see why this would lead to the fear of thousands of wasted impressions and the subsequent need to rely on an unbiased third party to find the inefficiencies. More often than not, these efficiency reports are used as a recommendation on where to ‘trim the fat’ and identify which vendors to keep on a media plan.

Some brands may find that looking at just one metric — such as viewability or suspicious activity — to determine which partners to cancel, is unreliable and potentially detrimental. The recent movement toward transparency across trading desks and vendors has led these ad verification partners to provide more insight into their fraud and viewability methodologies. Instead of taking the vendor/publisher analysis at face value, brands and agencies should work with the company they have hired to understand what they are blocking and how they are measuring these fraud and viewability rates by partner. Coupling this information with any conversion or ROI data (if applicable) will lead to smarter and more effective media buying decisions.

Another thing to consider is the importance of viewability on your campaign, as it often takes several impressions to reach a consumer. Even if impressions are either not visible or no action is taken, predictive algorithms will often continue to serve impressions to a more qualified audience in order to catch a customer at the right time. The machine will continue to target these consumers if they are the most likely to convert. This could be another factor when reviewing partners with low viewability and high conversions.

Lastly, sharing these findings with the publishers can also help reveal miscalculations or incorrect data that the ad verification partner may have provided in order to avoid inadvertently cutting a top-performing partner. Ultimately, all brands want to minimize the amount of impressions wasted and maximize business outcomes generated, but there is no one-size-fits-all metric. Although it makes sense to ensure that your impressions are being viewed, be sure to consider your overall campaign goals when it comes to evaluating partner efficiencies.


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2 thoughts on “Tips to Fairly Evaluate Partner Efficiencies”

  • Fantastic thought – totally agree. Brands also forget all the intricacies of predictive algorithms. Very important to point out.

  • Well articulated. A strong argument, especially as marketers are increasingly operating in the grey. More often than not, we cannot take data at face value without additional insights.

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