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OwnerIQ Hosts Audience Data Panel at iMedia Commerce Summit

This week OwnerIQ hosted a panel at the iMedia Commerce Summit with H.H.Gregg and Rosetta Marketing to discuss How Retailers & Consumer Brands Are Collaborating to Drive Business Results With Audience Data.

The panel discussed the newest form of data targeting: second party data and the benefits for retailers and brands. The group, led by Bob Scaglione, SVP Channel Development gave the audience multiple takeaways of how retailers like H.H. Gregg are taking advantage of second party data today to reach their shoppers. The summit’s theme this year was on the Future of the Shopping, and the audience was made of top retailers, brands and advertisers from all over the country.


Marketers are familiar with first party and third party data targeting tactics, but have recently learned the benefits of second party sharing which were discussed in this session. Many didn’t know that is happening now. The industry is taking note of the importance of second party data sharing. This way of using audience data is being recognized as a new form of co-operation emerging between retailers and brands, which doesn’t involve the exchange of marketing budgets, but consumer data targeting. With this marketing tactic you’re able to target specific product brand audiences, support co-op initiatives and drive sell-through at retail. Forrester in a recent report has also recognized the importance, stating “second-party data provides more reach than first-party and more granularity than third-party.”

Take a read of iMedia’s full recap of the panel here. To learn more about how to use second party data sharing to reach your audience and the benefits for Retailers and Brands, email us Events@OwnerIQ.com

The full presentation from the panel can be downloaded on slideshare here.


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