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Programmatic Video is Stealing Budget From Traditional TV Advertising


70% of marketers have shifted budgets from TV to programmatic video.

Programmatic Video is the use of advertising software to purchase online video ads against defined criteria in real-time. Programmatic software gives the advertiser access to audience data allowing them to display the ad to the right customer at the right time.

Recently 1,000 marketers were interviewed on their programmatic knowledge, budget and plans to use programmatic video. Of the surveyed marketers, 70% have moved marketing budgets from television to programmatic video over the last 12 months due to the ability to target based on behavior, demographic, and emotions.

Being able to target a digital audience based on anonymous cookied data gives advertisers a unique advantage over local and national television commercial spots.  Using audience data allows advertisers to customize their experience for each individual in-market consumer resulting in more successful campaign performance and brand visibility.

Success metrics of programmatic video is also changing.  Marketers are moving towards verified engagement metrics such as viewability and completed views and are weighing a lot less importance on click through rates.

As programmatic knowledge increases, expect more budget to shift from television to digital.

OwnerIQ has a turnkey solution that gives advertisers the power to reach shoppers with programmatic video ads across all devices; mobile, tablet, desktop. Programmatic video ads powered by OwnerIQ have an average completion rate of 85% and are an excellent way to raise local awareness without a huge investment.

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