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Retailers Improving Brand Awareness With Programmatic


One Third of Programmatic Ad Budgets are Being Spent on Branding Campaigns
and over 60% of marketers have added programmatic to their branding strategy.

Marketing spend on programmatic advertising has been growing rapidly, surpassing sales and performance expectations.  Currently, the majority of programmatic advertising campaigns are run with the goal of direct responses like sales, form submits, pages views etc.

Although the majority are looking for direct response results, according to eMarketer, 30-40% of programmatic ad spending is now going towards branding campaigns and the number is expected to increase over the next few years.  In fact, according to a recent poll, 92% of retailers cited “improving brand awareness” as their primary goal for programmatic advertising.

So why are programmatic branding campaigns becoming more and more popular?  The senior marketers polled cited increased efficiency as the most popular benefit from using programmatic advertising for branding campaigns.  The same group listed reduced overall advertising costs, ability to optimize and target the right audience in real time, and higher ROI as the other top benefit to running programmatic branding campaigns.

Adding programmatic advertising to your branding strategy doesn’t build a brand alone, but the right mix of audience targeting, creative, and cross-channel can help improve brand awareness across the web.

OwnerIQ’s Vendor Targeted Marketing uses programmatic advertising technology to equip retailers with the power to run online display campaigns to the local shoppers of the products they sell resulting in increased brand awareness, sales, and foot traffic.

*Source: eMarketer June 5, 2015. Does Programmatic Work for Branding?

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