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New Dashboard Released for Brand Audience Partners

We have recently released a new dashboard in our cooperative audience-sharing platform, (CoEx) for brand audience partners participating in our Vendor Targeted Marketing program (VTM).  Brand partners in the program are creating a marketing opportunity for their retailers to drive greater sell-through of their brand in their retail channel.  The new dashboard is custom to each brand and highlights value they are receiving from the program, audience usage statistics and provides easy to use tools to engage their retailers through our CoEx Platform.


Report features include:

  • Total advertising value received by participating in the VTM program
  • Online foot traffic their audience is driving in their retail channel
  • Interactive map displaying where and how heavily the brand is being promoted by their retailers
  • % of utilized audience for the program
  • Easy to use tools to engage their retailers through the dashboard

To learn more about learn more about participating in the Vendor Targeted Marketing Program, request a demo! VTM@ownerIQ.com

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