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Print newspaper readership continues it’s strong decline, local advertisers quickly moving to digital.

Traditional media outlets like print newspapers are a thing of the past. In fact, according to a recent study highlighted by Fortune*, over the last four years, print newspaper readership has dropped 25%. The same research study also highlights that over the past four years internet media consumption has increased by 105%.

The average person is exposed to almost 500 minutes of media throughout any given day (including internet, television, print, radio etc) the portion of that time spent consuming print newspaper is only about 16 minutes.

The decline in readership has also strongly affected the advertisers who have been using print newspapers as vehicle to reach the local market. Since 2008, local advertising in print newspapers has dropped over 43% while during the same time period local digital ad spend has increase almost 400%**.

Local advertisers are shifting their budgets online to reach the consumers who are shifting online. Digital advertising gives the advertiser an increased efficiency and greater return on investment.

Vendor Targeted Marketing is OwnerIQ’s turnkey digital advertising solution that allows retailers to capture the local shoppers of the brands they sell.

Vendor Targeted Marketing is like delivering a newspaper ad only to the consumers who are interested in buying an appliance!

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*Source: Fortune June 1, 2015. Print readership is still plummeting, and paywalls aren’t really helpful
**Source: AdWeek February 2, 2015. Infographic: How Digital Is Changing Local Ad Spending



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