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Welcome to the Qniverse!


You may have noticed a few changes around here. Well, you’re right the Q got a makeover recently. We are thrilled to announce our refreshed brand at ownerIQ and officially welcome you to the Qniverse! What the heck is the Qniverse, you ask? Good question.

The Qniverse is our ecosystem where retailers and brands interact, share audiences, and data for better programmatic advertising and results. This is the first and only marketplace enabling brands and retailers to transparently target each other’s web audiences. The Qniverse is the largest, most transparent audience marketplace of its kind, where you are able to connect with over 500+ brands and retailers to share data and get access to over 200 million shoppers for programmatic excellence.

The second party data available through the Qniverse is completely transparent and current giving marketers real-time insights to in-market shopping behaviors. This gives our brands and retailers complete visibility into what exact audience they are targeting. The Qniverse aggregates over 1 Billion online shopping behaviors each month from retailers, product brands and e-commerce partners. This gives advertisers unprecedented access to these partners’ first party data pools.

We encourage you to poke around our brand spankin’ new website and go ahead explore our Qniverse here and the brands and retailers that already seeing big results.



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