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How Should I Be Utilizing Facebook’s Exchange?

Ever since Facebook rolled out its exchange (FBX) back in 2012, there has been confusion about how marketers can best utilize it for their digital campaigns. I believe that the source of this issue is that people associate Facebook with social media, and therefore assume that running ads on FBX should be treated as a social media campaign.


This logical misconception could not be further from the truth.

FBX is just an exchange that happens to source its inventory from facebook.com. In fact, it’s the only exchange from which you can bid on this valuable inventory, so excluding it from any digital ad campaign would be doing yourself (and/or your client) a disservice. When including FBX, you are just accessing the real estate on the website, not the information from anyone’s meticulously curated profile page.

It is common to see marketers “allow” certain partners to run on FBX while prohibiting others from accessing this inventory, but this approach does not necessarily make sense. Those same marketers are extremely unlikely to put guidelines around any of the other several exchanges available, so why are they doing it for FBX? At the end of the day, it is simply another source of inventory to display your ads.

Now in some cases it makes sense to utilize the 1st party data that Facebook has to target specific groups of people based on their Facebook activity. This is the point of running a social media campaign. However, the only way to serve ads on Facebook while utilizing the audience’s online behaviors (not related to their Facebook profile, likes, etc.) is through FBX. Running directly with Facebook will grant you access to their profile data, but you can’t layer on additional data that many marketers rely on for success and learnings.

Whether you’re retargeting your site’s visitors or prospecting to find new ones, including FBX will allow you to access millions of engaged users on a very high-profile website. Marketers should be utilizing this valuable inventory source across all of their tactics to maximize efficiency and performance.

Bill Santare is a client strategist at OwnerIQ. 

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