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U.S. Retail Programmatic Display Spending Rose 43% During the 2014 Holiday Shopping Season


Retailers turning to programmatic to grab consumer attention during the winter holidays.

Over the last four holiday shopping seasons, U.S. internet usage has increase by over 131% from 543B minutes in 2010 to 1,256B minutes in 2014. During that same time period, internet usage from a mobile device (tablet and smartphone) increased over a whopping 425%. Both overall internet usage and mobile internet usage is expected to continue to grow considerably during the 2015 holiday shopping season.

With the increase in holiday internet usage comes the increase in online purchases. In 2014, $72B in holiday retail sales were made online, that number is expected to increase over 14% this year. Mobile devices were used to make almost half of those online purchases.

With over $615B expected to be spent total this holiday season by U.S. consumers, it has become increasingly important for retailers to get in front of consumers while they research holiday gifts and get ready to make purchases online and in store.

In order for retailers to beat the competition and secure a portion of the big holiday spending they are turning to programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising is the automated buying, placement and delivery of targeted online display ads to consumers based on online audience shopping data.

During 2015, over 2/3 of retailers who currently use programmatic plan to increase their investment due to its media buying efficiency and targeting, improvement in customer experience, and increase in ROI and business outcomes.  

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