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New Dashboard Released for VTM Retailers

We have recently released a new dashboard in our cooperative audience-sharing platform, (CoEx) for retailers using our Vendor Targeted Marketing program (VTM).

Retailers are using the VTM program to advertise to in-market shoppers of the product brands they sell.

The new dashboard is custom to each retailer and highlights value their key program metrics and provides a central location to manage their campaign.


Dashboard features include:

  • Program Recommendations:  Suggesting new brand audiences and ways to increase campaign value.
  • Recent activity Feed:   Central place to easily view all recent campaign activity including audience requests, approvals, campaign start/end and creative asset notifications.
  • Program Impact and Value metrics:
    • Total unique reach across all brand audiences,
    • Cost per shopper reached
    • Site traffic as a result of their campaign
    • Cost per page view as a result of their campaign
  • Program Coverage – Interactive map displaying campaign delivery down to the zip code level to view geographic campaign coverage
  • Learn more about learn more about the Vendor Targeted Marketing Program, request a demo! VTMsales@ownerIQ.com

Already using VTM? Login into your CoEx account to view your dashboard.

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