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ownerIQ presents at SnowSports Industries America (SIA) industry + intelligence day

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Did you know 83% of shoppers prefer to shop at retail? How can you ensure those shoppers are purchasing at your store?

The Q will be teaching retailers how to stay competitive and reach local in-market shoppers through digital advertising on Tuesday, September 29th. While digital advertising is not a ‘one size fits all,’ and nuances among sectors reflect a variety of trends in the ways each industry approaches its market, targets consumers and closes sales. In this session, we will avoid the advertising jargon and teach actual best practices and simple take aways on how you can grow your business both online and at your brick and mortar store through digital advertising. According to eMarketer, retailers are leading the way in digital advertising, don’t be left behind.

An a SnowSports Industry America member, the Q will be taking part in the first ever Industry + Intelligence 365 Workshop on Tuesday, September 29th in Manchester, NH. Brandon Strauss, Director of Midmarkets will  be giving our session will be at 3:00pm Digital Advertising Deep Dive: Stay Competitive and Reach Local In-market Shoppers which is aimed to educate ski and snow sport retailers on the value of digital advertising in their local market.

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