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Welcome to the 2nd party: ownerIQ speaking at FutureM


The Q is excited to announce that we will be speaking at FutureM Boston on Tuesday, October 6th at 11:45AM. Recently, named one of the “Must Attend Marketing Conferences for Leaders” by Forbes, the event is celebrating its 6th year – FutureM brings together marketing and technology innovators for 3 days to contemplate and celebrate the future of marketing. 

The Q will be educating marketers on the value of 2nd party data sharing. 2nd party data is the idea of a brand or marketer transparently sharing their 1st party data with another brand or marketer (i.e. – a 2nd party). Once considered an aspirational concept spawned by overly optimistic trading desks executives 6 years ago, many ad tech pundits now say it is going mainstream including AdExchanger who recently reported just that. Don’t get left behind, learn how 2nd party data sharing can elevate your digital marketing strategy. In this session, ownerIQ’s Steve Ustaris, SVP of Marketing will discuss the evolution of the concept into practice and what the future of 2nd party looks like, by discussing:

  • Past challenges to data sharing between brands and how these obstacles were overcome
  • How this practice has become commonplace between brands with existing channel relationships
  • Examples of what the 2.0 version of transparent data sharing will look like and how progressive marketers and media buyers can get us there.

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