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What Do Your Shopping Patterns Say about You?

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You’ve heard this before: You are what you eat. The many of us left nauseated after watching Super Size Me (a documentary in which one brave and healthy man committed to eating solely from McDonalds for 30 days!), know that this saying, in many ways, is valid. The same goes for the many other attributes that we do (e.g. you are what you think). Try applying this logic to your purchasing history and you’ll find that it’s just as sensible. In other words, our purchasing behaviors, similar to our wants, are highly individual and evolving (they’re reflective of you!). Deduction: you are what you choose to own.

However, today’s many advertising and marketing segmentation techniques continue to rely on messaging to static groups of previously defined shoppers. The flaw here is evident: our wants are ever-changing, they’re dynamic – not static. So too is our shopping behavior – it’s not merely defined by one or more X categories. And while we may belong to a certain age group, for instance, our unique characteristics, life events, past shopping patterns, and so on, are far more complex than categorized inferences. Moreover, because much of our past determines our present and future, stagnant shopper data is outdated the second that particular shopper decides it is – simple as that.

What’s needed instead are deeper, and constantly relevant yet fluid, shopper insights that can be used to reveal a complete and ongoing path to purchase. Impossible? No – data visualization, or data presented in a pictorial or graphical format, is up to the challenge.

ownerIQ’s Brand Engagement Map portrays a digital representation of the entire Qniverse – a shoppers ecosphere aggregating over 1 billion purchasing behaviors each month from retailers, brands, and e-commerce websites. The Brand Engagement Map further validates what we already know: shoppers shop differently. It’s just that now we have a way for making use of all that data, revealing those very unique shopping patterns and uncovering new methods for prospecting. Boiled down, these visual representations are really the foundation ownerIQ’s programmatic media technology and analytics…Come bid time, ownerIQ uses their intelligent audience insights to target only the right, or truly unique, user.

At the end of the day, the decisions we make, including those involved in purchasing, are incredibly personal – with each click a byproduct of some thought or action or occurrence from our own past. ownerIQ’s Brand Engagement Map personalizes the shopper experience, uncovering true to life purchasing patterns that in turn help to humanize digital media.

Interested in learning more? Visit www.ownerIQ.com today to get the bigger picture.

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