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The 2016 Forrester Predictions are in!


ownerIQ was cited in Forrester’s November 2015 Predictions 2016: Media’s Unbundling Accelerates report “Audience First-Party Data Emerges As A Strategic Asset: “Data co-ops” with retailers and publishers become mainstream “…..advertisers will embrace “data co-ops” deals with retailers and publishers. By using solutions like ownerIQ … advertisers will have the opportunity to go beyond their first-party data and third-party segments to see the browse, cart, and purchase behavior of customers like theirs who are in-market now from participating brands in the co-op”.

We are thrilled to be linked to the future of digital advertising and audience data in 2016. ownerIQ’s data sharing capabilities have similar characteristics to co-op solutions that are aligned with the 2nd party data category, which is still a relatively new category. Here’s how The Q standouts from the data co-op crowd:

1.) Transparency: The Majority of Data co-ops are non-transparent and data sources are anonymous. This makes their advertising solution more akin to 3rd party data segments. You cannot specifically target a particular brand or retailers’ audiences within a data co-op. In fact, you have no idea what brands, publisher or e-commerce players are even contributing their data to the co-op.

ownerIQ offers unparalleled transparency within our data pool which others can’t offer. With our optimized shopper product, you know who is contributing data to your targeting. Additionally, tools such as ownerIQ’s brand engagement graph to give an additional layer of transparency to our targeting that other solutions cannot. Our Retail Targeted Marketing and Vendor Targeted Marketing products are fully transparent as well.

2.) Participation is desired, but not required: While we would love every brand to be part of our Qniverse, our solution does not require advertisers to participate as a data partner to leverage our world class advertising solutions. Many others in the industry require this.

3.) The MOST data in the game: ownerIQ has the largest data marketplace available today, access to over 200 million shoppers, and 1 billion shopper insights are analyzed each month. Additionally, there are over 500+ brands and retailers in our Qniverse.

With the industry adoption and deeper understanding of the benefits of 2nd party data, especially between retailers and brands, the future is bright for 2nd party data. Interested in learning more about the importance of 2nd party data? Download our FREE ebook here

Full Forrester Report available for download here

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