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The best predictor of buying behavior…


Shoppers are an unpredictable bunch. You the reader know this all too well – your buying patterns are often arbitrary, and dependent on numerous personal factors. One day you’re in the market for an Xbox One, and the next for Burt’s Bees’ baby wipes. What gives?

Many advertisers and marketers believe that the best way to predict what you’ll buy in the future is solely due to what you’ve purchased in the past. Makes sense, right? Only to a degree. Take a look around your living room, for instance, and you’ll debunk this theory in seconds. Our things are unique – each driven by some thought or action not necessarily dependent on a past purchase.

So let’s try taking on a a different approach to understanding your buying patterns – and rely instead on overall shopping behavior, or the entire path to purchase. In other words, let’s assume that everything matters. Because, evidently, it really does.

Next up, explore a solution that employs this methodology? ownerIQ’s creative approach just may surprise you.

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