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Advertise differently: All your efforts, in perfect harmony

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Today’s consumers are everywhere. Buyers are shopping online, in-store, on mobile…or wherever it’s most convenient at given time. But there are many advertisers out there whose tactics are grounded in a single medium approach – focusing most of their marketing efforts on either e-commerce or in-store. Big mistake. It’s time to see this chasm from another perspective and envision marketing to ourselves.

Our path to purchase fluctuates depending on everything from our mood to the time of day to how hungry we are. In other words, we buy differently, and we could mostly care less about the location (be it physical or virtual) of purchasing. The one constant we care about is obvious: a deal to convenience.

We spend a lot (an understatement) of time online – or where ads thrive. And when we choose to, we spend quite a bit of time offline as well, chatting up a storm while browsing with our favorite shopping buddy. ownerIQ’s solution facilitates a cooperative relationship between over 550 retailers and brands, granting “the Q” access to the richest in-market audience online – an audience-base your consumers are a part of.

Covering the vast majority of the shopping ecosphere, retailers and brands are in a logically interconnected and codependent relationship. Brand partners share their unique audience with their specified retailers, thereby driving greater sell-through of their brand at selected retail channels. Similarly, retailer partners are marketing to the audiences of the product brands they sell.

By taking advantage of ownerIQ’s massive retailer and brand shopping data, you can support both ecommerce and in-store marketing initiatives. And doing so doesn’t have to mean investing heavily in omnipresence – that would not only be unbelievably costly, but incredibly annoying to your audience. Here’s a better alternative: advertise online through the use of cooperative partnerships to drive in-store sales. It’s a win-win.

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