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CoEx: Growth, Ease-of-Use, Speed – Oh, My!

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There’s no doubting ownerIQ’s list of impressive achievements leading up to 2016 – the proof is in the pudding. Equally as notable is all the hard work behind the scenes that’s responsible for the continual enhancement of The Q’s CoEx platform, at the center of our Qniverse, or the glue that binds over 550 retailers and brands (such as manufacturers and e-commerce brands) in the Qniverse. As the first and only second-party data marketplace for brands and retailers to transparently share their online audiences for dynamic digital advertising, CoEx facilitates cooperative support of their digital shopper marketing and programmatic initiatives. In 2015, the platform’s inner workings got an all-around boost, with improvements in ease-of-use, speed, and a whole lot more…

2015 also marked the year of growth for CoEx; advertising campaigns that ran during the year increased by a whopping 50% since 2014. Likewise, participating advertisers (aka our partners and self-made data sharing experts) increased by over 80%, from 570 advertisers in ’14 to 1,035 in ’15. Oh, and not to get too technical here, but we saw a 390% increase in connections in CoEx, from at the end of 2014! Say what? Simplified, approved connections indicates accepted audience access of those who request another’s first-party data on a permission basis (e.g. brands pre-approving retailers via the Manufacturer’s Dashboard), underscoring the surge in data sharing between retailers and brands.

If you’re a retailer or a brand with data existing in CoEX, you can rest easy…your data thrives only within the confines of the CoEx vault – so it’s 100% secure. And in 2016 the platform’s showing no signs of slowing down; it’s increasingly faster, easier to use, customizable, creative assistance and we won’t stop there.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some additional features and benefits:

  • Unique Audience Insights to further understand your website audience and what other brands and products they are interacting with online
  • Advanced Reporting to review your campaign performance and track audience use in co-branded advertising campaigns
  • Data Security for complete control over who can advertise to your audience. Your data is always secure as it never leaves ownerIQ
  • Creative Oversight when using the library; approve the creative used to target your audience or share creative with your partners.
  • Co-branded Creative Assistance – We’ve made it easy for your ads to be created. Using the creative library, product brands can upload their creative, define a space for their retailer’s logo and easily share it with partners for use. This gives product brands more input on how their brand is positioned and provides a turn-key solution for advertisers.

With 2015 behind us, 2016 is paving the way to more worthwhile advancements. To learn more about CoEx, please visit www.owneriq.com/coex, or email coex-support@owneriq.com for more information.

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