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How to finally stop advertising with obscurity


When it comes to the results of your advertising and marketing initiatives – you’re often left in the dark. You may think you know what’s working, until you realize you’re not quite sure…and that’s when things can get murky and potentially costly as you pile money onto the unknown. To the point: real insights matter. So what’s the best strategy for keeping you in the know?

Consider this – what if you were to focus on building the channels that are actually responsible for your sales? With 83% of shoppers still purchasing at retail (versus on your brand’s website), you’re likely selling your product(s) at retail as well. In this case, a partnership with your retailer is a no-brainer. Similarly, insights that your retailer can provide on your current and potential buyers are invaluable to your sales efforts.

ownerIQ’s Retailer Targeted Marketing (RTM) gives you the ability to reach and target the right shoppers (those in-market for your offerings) with your digital advertising. Stop advertising with obscurity and:

  • Target in-market shoppers with 100% accuracy
  • Build awareness and maximize brand affinity
  • Increase reach and awareness for new product launches

Get all the info, including the specifics of just how our platform works, today.

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