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Retailer Targeted Marketing: A Success Story

step 2

We all love a good success story – especially when we can apply the stuff that worked to our own business needs. So here’s another one for your arsenal…

The Step2 Company, LLC, is the largest American manufacturer of preschool and toddler toys. The company offers a variety of heavy plastic toys designed mainly for younger children including outdoor play furniture and riding toys.

Step2 came to ownerIQ looking to drive brand and product awareness among parents with children, while consistently engaging retail shoppers. To achieve their goals, Step2 used ownerIQ’s Retailer Targeted Marketing (RTM) solution to target active in-market shoppers of today’s largest national toy retailer with digital ads year-round.

And now we’ll let the outcomes speak for themselves:

  • Step2 exceeded their ROI goal by more than 5x after ad exposure.
  • Step2 reached an average of 150K in-market toy shoppers every day.
  • Incremental Q4 budget enabled Step2 to increase their reach to over 1M toy holiday shoppers.
  • Exposed shoppers are 36x more likely to return to the largest toy retailer mentioned in the case study and browse Step2 branded pages than unexposed shoppers.

Back up, just how did Step 2 achieve this again? Here’s a quick answer…Retailer Targeted Marketing made possible through the power of second-party data, or the transparent sharing of first-party data from major retailers that enables ad targeting to the largest portfolio of active retail shopper audiences.

ownerIQ’s launchpad into the Qniverse, CoEx, is the first and only second-party data marketplace for brands, retailers and advertisers (or companies that have have existing relationships) to share their often related online audiences for dynamic digital advertising. The platform is built for second-party data sharing, with over 550 brands and retailers collaborating and benefiting from CoEx today.

Interested in learning more? Click here for all the deets.

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