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Oh, Valentine’s Day…

A day of many different emotions – affecting just about everyone, somehow. In one way, you’re an open door to those lucky in love, giving couples a reason to celebrate couplehood. And that’s a sweet thing. In another way, however, your existence can be daunting, weighing heavily on some – the ones not keen on spending the day alone over yet another order of X comfort food. And that’s not particularly exciting.

But regardless of how Valentine’s Day will play a role in your life this year (in any case, it is but a single day), ownerIQ’s here with some tips for making the most of your Sunday, February 14…

You have a data date

As a lucky pair, your other half is always on your mind, and they deserve something special. But your gift-giving idea bank is coming up empty. No worries, our Qniverse (composed of second-party data relationships with retailers and brands as well as 200+ million unique shoppers) has the data to help you narrow down the best V-Day surprise. Our retail and brand partners are a top destination for popular gift categories, including ones browsed for by shoppers like yourself leading up to the day of amore. Check out what’s on the rise this month:

  • Candy – 34% increase in shopping for sugary treats.
  • Flowers – no surprises here, 379% increase in shoppers designing their own colorful bouquets.
  • Women’s Clothing – 32.59% increase in browsing for her perfect fit.
  • Men’s Clothing – 14% increase in looking for something extra comfortable.
  • Candles – 32% increase in hoping to set the right light.
  • Perfume – 165% increase in shopping for aromatics.

Hope our data guides you down the right aisle!

You’re single – ready to mingle with new data

Singles, you’re in for a treat. ownerIQ’s planning the perfect party, aka the second-party, to help you mingle and meet with like-minded data you didn’t even know existed! The second-party is not your average first-party (those invited include more than just your inner circle), and it’s far different from the third-party (you know, the one everyone’s invited to). It’s really the best of both worlds; extending invites to connections you haven’t yet had the pleasure of knowing, while also keeping the guest list relevant to what you’re looking for in a data date.

At the same time, the second-party’s not for everyone – we don’t want it to overflow. We’re keeping it exclusive to only the well-prepared and enthusiastically creative. If that’s you, here’s some quick and complimentary reading material to help you get to know more about the second-party. To get on the guest list, email events@owneriq.com.

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